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I am a wisdom weaver and cosmic seer of Ancient Wisdom. I am a medicine bag carrier, an initiated keeper of the teachings of the Andean Medicine Wheel as taught by Q'ero peoples of Peru and wisdom teachings passed down to me from my maternal ancestors indigenous roots from the lake region of Chile, of the Mapuche peoples.

Picking up my medicine bag, aligned my soul's calling and my life's purpose to dream a new world into being, a world that breathes in the ancient ones and breathes out a connected life force energy. As a bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern world, I am passionate about weaving in sacred ritual, working within the shadows of ourselves, and supporting all life, as it is created and as it transitions into its next level of creation. I am honored to walk with you as you dream your world into being.

I reside in beautiful Napa Valley, where the river runs through an ancient verdant sacred valley and in Lake Tahoe, CA, sitting in deep connection with the ancient wisdom of the mountains and waters of the lake. Born and raised in Portland,Oregon, SFSU BA in Communications , graduate of The Four Winds Society- Shamanic Energy Medicine Coach, Shadow work/IFS Coach.


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