Your light is welcome here. I am Mitzi Andros, Shamanic energy intuitive
offering spirtually channeled mentoring.
I invite you to join me for a soulful transformational journey, that will empower you in all aspects of your life.
Stepping into the wisdom wheel...

If you have found your way to my website, WELCOME!

It is the purpose of my practice to support you in a safe and collaborative container, to be your intuitive guide and witness, sometimes asking the tough questions and always nurturing the discovery of what is in you, so that together we can find ways to remove the obstacles that have blocked you from being in touch with your own inner wisdom.

Together, using the tools of the ancient wisdom of Shamanic Energy Medicine and proven methods of modern neuroscience, and somatic explorations, we will begin to create shifts that will open up new pathways and perspectives in experiencing your emotions, thoughts, and patterns.

Those patterns and shadows are actually pathways into the deepest parts of yourself, and when they transform, from percieved areas of weakness into sources of strength it begins too align your internal dreams and desires with your external world.

Shamanic intuitive energy medicine coupled with transformative shadow work, took me from living a life stuck in my head and a stranger to my own sense of valuing myself to living a life knowing my souls purpose and a life lived fully from my heartspace.

I am honored to guide you through the deep layers of remembering your souls purpose and awakening to a life that is lived deeply connected to it's knowing that you deserve to live wild, free and aligned. It is your birthright.

Brindar siempre lo mejor de ti.
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Soul Grace Wisdom Wheel Sedona

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