Soul Grace Sedona

December 2nd-9th 2023
Sedona, Arizona

Awaken your spirit and EXPERIENCE the power of our signature week-long
in magical Sedona,Az

Jenna Walter and Mitzi Andros, invite you to join in a intentional journey that will nourish your Soul Grace by turning inward to develop your power and sensitivity so that you may deepen your knowing of belonging and purpose.

Are you being called to:

Create a conscious map to live by?

Illuminate your unique gifts ?

Align with your souls grace?

Become a visionary by weaving a world of your awakened dreams?

Through a cosmic map of ancient wisdom you will develop and actualize the coordinates of your becoming. This navigation will inspire your gifts and soul medicine you came here to share.


Devils Bridge


We are honored to support you in claiming your power, by harmonizing your body, heart and mind in magical Sedona.

Through teachings based in earth and sky guidance, archetypal wisdom, Andean cosmology, Munay Ki rites, family constellation work, yoga teachings, ceremony and elemental rituals.

Free your soul to become whole, by shedding the past, facing your fears, honoring your ancestors, respecting the sacred order of life and trusting in your divine place in that great order

As this Soul Grace Wisdom Wheel turns, there is great opportunity to create new ways of being within our own families and communities. Let’s Interrupt the status quo in order to honor the sacredness of the divine unity consciousness that lives within all of us!!!

Come walk with us on a Path of Being True to You.

In deep love and respect

Jenna and Mitzi co-creators of

Soul Grace Sedona- A Shamanic Adventure Retreat

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    Jenna Walter

    Jenna Walter discovered yoga and meditation at seventeen. The teachings of yoga saved her life as she was healing through childhood trauma and abuse. Yoga propelled her on the journey of the heroine, to discover her soul’s purposes. Motherhood, Native American ceremonies, women’s healing circles, co-counseling and shamanic studies in the Incan tradition have all influenced her teaching style. She has also studied other healing modalities that complement her work, including Shiatsu massage at the Ohashi Institute, herbology with Arcus Flynn, nutrition and quantum energy studies with Karen Panish and Siddha Yoga chanting and meditation. She has also completed 7oo hours of training in Peruvian Shamanism with Alberto Villoldo’s, The Four Winds Society. She is bringing her love of humanity the teachings of Dream Weaver Yoga and Shamanic Healing: 8 THREADS OF LIGHT . These are transformational teachings for the era of upliftment and enLIGHTenment.

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    Mitzi Andros

    I am a wisdom weaver and cosmic seer of Ancient Wisdom. I am a Mesa carrier, an initiated keeper of the teachings of the Andean Medicine Wheel as taught by Q'ero mystics of Peru and wisdom teachings passed down to me from my maternal ancestors indigenous roots from the lake region of Chile, of the Mapuche peoples. I am a trained facilitator in Internal Family Systems and Shadow work and am passionate about healing trauma and connecting you to your wholeness. My souls calling as a Shamanic Energy Medicine woman, is to track and see the where the seeds of our stories lay within the cosmic web that we are all part of, to listen deeply to the ancient wisdom and healing needs of our ancestors, and to be in service as a clairvoyant assisting those souls that ask, to complete their energetic time here on Earth and to be a conduit for spirit in helping families and individuals process grief. I am honored within this work to also bring lost parts of our souls back home to live within their birthright of their sacred divine wholeness. The profound healing and divine seeing of new perspectives and shifts of paradigms that I see within each of my clients as they begin their path of becoming, truly is how, I believe, we heal our way of choosing how we live upon our sacred Mother Earth/Pachamama.

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    Mitzi and Jenna welcome you to the Soul Grace Wisdom Wheel- Sedona


Welcome to luxury accomodations, innovative farm-to-table Chef prepared Vegan meals, to complete the soul expanding experience in each breath of place, deepening our connection to our intention of our own Souls Grace.

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Luxury accomodations in a place where breathtaking natural beauty connects with the spiritual realm.

With one goal in mind, Satsang House Sedona was created for you to take a piece of Sedona's enchanting spirit with you when you return home feeling uplifted, invigorated and connected.

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Nourishing food

We value nourishing food and beautiful meals shared together- food that shifts the heart and excites our soul is always what is served.

Chef prepared modern Vegan Breakfast, Snacks, Drinks/Smoothies and Dinner's are included.

Mid-day meal is not included, we have found that a lunch break to do as you please is not only a fun way to experience your week but it also provides beautiful personal integration space.

Sedona Shamanic Adventures
Sedona Shamanic Adventures

Experience this ancient healing land, a powerful place of the ancestors that lovingly supports deep connection to our hearts and is known as one of Earths most powerful energetic places for transformation and healing. We will do sacred walks and Shamanic journey's, we will participate in Ancient rites and experience the energy of the vortexes and sacred waters in the rivers of the Earth and the rivers of stars in the darks sky's of the new moon . Each day will have a component of physical adventures. We believe in moving the body, we move our souls and create space for powerful shifts.

Gathering in Community

Become a visionary, dream your world into reality. In our past retreats in Hawaii we have witnessed profound changes and deep lasting healing in our attendees. Jenna and Mitzi heard the calling to bring our signature retreat to Sedona this year and we hope you will join us and have heard your own Soul's Grace calling to join us.


Price of program does not include airfare, transportation. Lunches are non-hosted, with lots of off-campus options within a ten minute drive.

Please click on link below to see Room options and Pricing information.

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